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Welcome to our home on the Internet! Here you'll find information about our Oldes & the breed itself.

Our dogs are family raised, living in our home , under foot & loved as members of our family.  My wife & I raised Pull Dogs for many years. We came across the Olde variation of Bulldogs and just loved them. Our dogs are Active, Healthy, Strong, Alert, Stable Temperaments, & Trustworthy. Everything you want in a dog, especially a Bulldog!!

But at times Oldes will be stubborn, drool, burp, fart, & snore. (Just to make you aware).


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- Bruno "The Bull":

  Bruno is our male stud. He's a great dog all around, with a personally to match. He's playful & strong. Sometimes he forgets how strong he is. He is bullheaded at times, but was easy to train.

- Baby Girl:

 Baby is just a great bulldog. She is the alpha of the bunch for now. She is very alert & strong. Baby is also very athletic and and doesn't have a problem getting where she wants when she wants.

- Rockin Roxy:

 Roxy is our sweetheart, even with her sour bulldog mug going on. She has great mass and is athletic as well. She is more compact with her built & body structure.

- Miss Lu Lu:

Lulu is our newest addition out of Ganyway kennels. She is a half sister of Baby Girl. We have very high hopes for her !

- Bulldog History:

Bulldogs & the different variations have a very deep history. Here is a page with a overview about them.

- Linage of our Dogs:

Our dogs led back to Hermes line of Oldes. Here's a gallery of some of the dogs in our bloodlines.



Contact Us:

Phone: 440-415-0522






- Breedings :

 Our goal is to offer a dog that is true to the bulldogs heritage and is sound! " By it's actions, it will be known as a BULLDOG, not just by looks alone!"

- Pups:

Our pups are  socialized at a young age. Properly wormed & vaccinated. We also reserve the right to only let our pups go to homes that we feel fit. Please read our contract in full & Is a Olde right for you section.

- Puppy Contract:

Please read our contract to be sure you understand what we offer when placing our pups or dogs.

- Is A Olde Right For You:

Before buying any dog it's good to know what to expect from that breed.

- What we feed our dogs:

What you feed your dog is important in so many ways. Here is what we feel works well with our program.

- Interesting Articles:

These are some articles that we found interesting concerning dogs.

- Links & Friends:

Here are some links to kennels, helpful information that covers many areas when owning a bulldog.

- Pull Dog Info:

We feel if a dog is health & old enough, weight pulling if a very positive sport for your dog & training a great form of exercise.

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